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Cluster-wide data model and standardized data management.


Forest planning and resource management

Project description


The ClusterWIS project interlinks actors within the whole forest and wood cluster, starting from an initial, widespread call for offers through to processing of a specific transaction and final invoicing. ClusterWIS facilitates the business processes within the whole cluster through IT components that communicate with each other based on international standards. Thus, the ClusterWIS system may flexibly be extended or modified by additional client and server systems if new actors or cases of application are to be handled or if new component suppliers want to contribute to the system. ClusterWIS accelerates and optimizes any business transaction within the whole forestry production chain based on standardized communication and an attainability of service or product suppliers that is theoretically unlimited. Thus, starting from the initial enquiry, ClusterWIS facilitates the dialogue between the forest consultant and the forest owner and at the same time provides for absolute privacy of the data that need to be exchanged. In this way, ClusterWIS offers a novel and significantly widened basis for forestry consulting. In particular, the system permits to offer model based growth prognosis and simulated wood assortment throughout the whole forest and wood cluster that so far was mainly restricted to application within federal state forestry institutions. As Chair of Forest Growth and Yield Science we demonstrate the potential of application of our growth simulator SILVA within the ClusterWIS infrastructure and at the same time complement our system by novel and fundamental theory such as the synergy of natural regeneration and planting. In ClusterWIS we convey our knowledge to a wide spectrum of forestal practitioners. Our particular attention is on the provision of evaluation methods for the multifunctional appraisal of management scenarios on the background of modern silvicultural guidelines and commendable forestry.


  • 2016-03-09 - 2019-12-31


Project partners

RWTH Aachen University –
RIF Institute for Research and Transfer e.V. –
RWTH Aachen University - MMI | Institute for Man-Machine-Interaction –
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European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) - Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitization and Energy of North Rhine-Westphalia –