Graphic: Audi Environmental Foundation – Structure of the 'Oak tree Nelder sites'

Structure of the 'Oak tree Nelder sites'.


Growth, carbon storage and
water consumption of oak trees
at the Audi Nelder sites

Project description

The aim of this project is the monitoring of growth, carbon storage and water consumption of oak trees at the AUDI-Nelder sites and the graphic preparation of the measurements for the general public. In addition to the current weather conditions, tree and stand growth as well as water consumption and water stress of the trees and the entire stand will be measured and analyzed for different density levels. The results will be shown on webpages. On the basis of temporally high-resolution stem diameter measurements, the biomass increment and the current carbon storage of individual trees can be estimated. As water consumption is also measured, values such as drought stress and water use efficiency can be determined. In this way, along with the current weather conditions, temporally highly resolved growth values and ecosystem services of trees can be measured, up-scaled to stand size and transmitted online. The values will be prepared generally understandable in a way that tree growth and their ecosystem services can be experienced live.


Project start

  • 2018-03-01


Project partners


Bayerische Staatsforsten AöR –

Audi Environmental Foundation –