Climate-Fit Forests (FP7 People Marie Curie IRSES) (GA 295136)


Forests play an important role in carbon fixation and providing CO2 neutral raw materials. Due to predicted climate changes it is important to know to what extent European forests will be impacted by climate change, how best to mitigate these potential changes through adaptive forest management strategies, maintain current carbon fixation rates and minimize carbon emissions by forest operations.

By utilizing the unique temperature and moisture gradient along a north-south orientation from Germany / Switzerland to Italy and South Africa, and with South Africa’s warmer climate and arid conditions, it is potentially possible to simulate future predicted climatic conditions in Europe. The project Climate-Fit Forests will also allow observations of the characteristics and behavior of close-to-nature forests versus plantation forests as found in each of the partner countries under climate change conditions. Existing management tools will be adapted and improved to be able to provide predictions for suitable management strategies under climate changes conditions.


04/2012 – 04/2015


Europäische Union (FP7, People, Marie Curie IRSES)


Enno Uhl, Diana Bretting, Thomas Rötzer, Peter Biber, Ralf Moshammer